For black women, a smooth, even complexion is attainable with proper care.

Beautiful skin often begins inside and radiates outward. A healthy diet is vital. This means eating healthy food as often as possible including raw vegetables and fruit. Fatty, fried foods should be kept to a minimum. Instead, try baking our boiling your food when you cook.

Also, the importance of drinking water every day cannot be over-emphasised. If you want the best skin you must drink at least eight cups a day and compensate for alcoholic and caffeinated beverages with more water.

Regular workouts keep the skin toned and make you feel good. Find an activity you like, possibly biking, walking, jogging, swimming, or sports.

What else can black women do to maintain touchably soft skin?

Moisturisers are a must. Darker skin has a tendency to appear “ashy” when it’s not well-lubricated. For the face, it’s best to use a separate moisturiser made specifically for your facial needs. Because African skin is more sensitive and drier than Caucasian skin it is important to use skincare that is mild and that has simple formulations.

Black skin is also prone to pigmentation and scarring. It is more susceptible to these because of the higher levels of melatonin in the skin. African skincare can be cared for by simple skincare formulations and gentle skincare. If you suffer from acne, do not pick at pimples. This often leaves unattractive scarring and black skin is much more prone to developing keloids as a result. Keloids are scar tissue caused by trauma or surgical incisions.

Black women, especially of the darker skin tones, often believe they don’t need to use sunscreen since blacks rarely complain of sunburn, but this is false. Black skin also needs protection from the damaging rays of the sun.

It is not recommended to use moisturisers which contain sunscreen as this single combination product contains harsh chemicals usually found in sunscreen that protect your skin from the sun. However these chemicals do more damage once they have been absorbed into the skin. It is wise for a clear, smooth skin to only use a mild skin cream underneath a sunscreen. Make sure to use sunscreen daily, year-round, to prevent wrinkles and skin cancer.

Cosmetiq e skincare has a mild formulation that is perfect for African skins. It is used safely under sunscreens to protect the skin form the chemicals found in sunscreens as well as other environmental factors.

It is especially good for removing dark spots on the skin and evening the skin tone in African skin.

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