Dealing with Dry Skin

What causes dry skin?

Dry skin is a problem for so many people, experienced especially during cold weather. It can also be caused by excessive heat and change of hormones or just plain and simple, heredity. Other causes include using harsh detergents or soaps.

What does dry skin look like?

The skin displays signs of dryness, such as redness, lacklustre surface, white patches, flaky appearance and cracks.

The skin feels rough and uneven to the touch.

The sensation it gives is a dry, uncomfortable and painful itch. It can also be experienced as stinging and tingling


Moisturisers are intended to to restore moisture to your skin. Water can briefly moisturise your skin, but it is soon lost by evaporation. Lotions, creams and ointments provide an oil coating that prevents water evaporation. Winter months are the most critical times of the year, however it is important to start a hydrating moisturiser regime during summer to prep the skin for the drier months.

Bath oils also work to prevent moisture loss. When applying a bath oil directly to your skin, pour a small amount into your hands and spread it onto slightly damp skin. Avoid using a mineral oil or vaseline (mineral petrolatum) or liquid paraffin on dry skin as this will dry out your skin in the long run.

A lubricating moisturiser should be applied to a damp skin to maximise the benefits of the product. The Cosmetiq e products are most effective when applied to damp skin. However the creams will also sweat out as you allow the creams to penetrate the skin. ​

Dry skin rash

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