Dry Skin Do’s and Dont’s


  1. Don’t take hot showers or baths
  2. Don’t put oil in the bath while its filling
  3. Don’t towel your skin vigourously
  4. Don’t take long baths or showers
  5. Don’t wash with granular soap or scrub
  6. Don’t use astringents or alcohol based products
  7. Don’t use vaseline or liquid paraffin


  1. Do shower or bath in warm water
  2. Do bath for short periods
  3. Do gently pat yourself dry with a towel
  4. Do apply moisturiser immediately after a wash
  5. Do add bath oil after getting into the bath
  6. Do use moisturising soap for sensitive skin
  7. Do rinse of salt water or chlorine
  8. Do limit you skincare products to small, simple ranges

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