Household causes of eczema “flare up’s”

Here is a list of typical household items that can cause your eczema to flare up:

  • Washing powder in your clothing fabric
    The chemicals such as the surfactants that make the washing powders soapy can irritate your skin and cause a break out. Use natural products or washing powders made for sensitive skins.
  • Dishwashing liquid
    The surfactants and other chemicals in dishwashing liquids and soaps can also make your skin break out.
  • Bar soaps
    Soaps have differing pH levels that upset the skins normal pH. This can cause the skin to become vulnerable to a break out or to infection.
  • Dirty towels
    Dirt in your towels can cause your sensitive skin to become infected. Keep white towels only so that you can see how clean they are and exchange them at least once a week to stop them from getting too dirty.
  • Bubble baths and shampoos
    These also contain surfactants and other chemicals that can irritate your skin. Try products made for people with sensitive skins or natural products.
  • Pets (especially in your home or no your furniture)
    Keep pets outside or just out of your beds and off your furniture. They carry dust mites everywhere they go. The dust mites will cause your skin to break out and they wont be easy to get rid of! If you absolutely dont have the heart, then buy a mini vaccuum and get to work wherever your pet has been. Do this on a daily basis!
  • Synthetic linen and fabrics
    Your skin is being rubbed by your clothing all day. Make sure that the clothing you are wearing is natural fibre. The synthetic fibres can irritate sensitive skins and cause a break out.
  • Duvets and Pillows filled with man-made fibres
    The synthetic fabrics can irritate sensitive skins. Make sure you buy only down or other natural duvets and pillows as well as cotton bed sheets and clothing as far as possible.
  • Baby wipes (Surprising what we put on our childrens skin)
    Baby wipes can contain harsh chemicals. Even though we woudl think that products made for babies are mild, it isn’t always the case. Try to avoid store bought baby wipes, rather buy natural wipes from niche stores or direct suppleirs online.
  • Curtains, sofas and carpets with dust and dust mites
    Vaccuum your beds, sofas and carpets often. Dust mistes can take over your home in days. Dust mites will get stuck into your skin and make themselves at home.
  • Dirty soft toys made of synthetic fibre
    Keep soft toys clean by popping them into the washing machine every now and then. (If you can pry them out of your childrens hands for long enough! ;)

Manage your home to prevent a flare up and you have knocked one thing off your eczema treatment list!