The Black Jar with the Golden e is back!



Cosmetiq e Skincare had its humble beginnings during the Heyday of Rocky Street in Yeoville! It all started in 1973 in a small office, on Rocky Street, Yeoville. A once predominantly Jewish area, with delicatessens, bakeries, and a number of synagogues. A mecca for entertainment in Johannesburg with restaurants, jazz bars, bookshops, record shops and a trendy clothing stores.

The founder and previous owner, Dr Harry Gordon, discovered this wonderful range of products by experimenting with different ingredients in the lab. He had noticed a serious lack of great skincare products to help women and men suffering from very dry and sensitive skin. So he set to work.

With all of the odds against him, having had no one to help him grow this range and very little money to start a business. He persevered and with his strong belief in his products and a growing following of excited customers he succeeded and Cosmetiq e exploded onto the market!

Dr Harry Gordon and his wife picking the winners of a Cosmetiq e Skincare Hamper Prize in 1976

He devoted himself to his cause and felt a calling to make a difference to the lives of South Africans. Launching the brand in 1973, was the start of his unbelievable contribution to the South African skincare market.

He gave women and men all over South Africa the solution to their skin problems. The range could be found all the way from Springbok right across the country to Plettenberg Bay and everywhere in between!

His skincare formulas changed the lives of entire families, with granny, mum and daughter using the entire range.


A Cosmetiq e Skincare advert from the 1970's.


In 1975, he met Anneline Kriel. A great business relationship developed. She agreed to endorse Cosmetiq e Skincare, a small fledgling business that was growing fast!

Their relationship was cemented in print advertising all over South Africa. The sales soared and more people started to benefit from Cosmetiq e Skincare. Women in Muizenburg, Potch, Tokai, Lanseria and Pinetown to name a few, were using this life-giving elixir on their skins.

Anneline and Dr Gordon transformed Cosmetiq e Skincare into a household brand.


Cosmetiq e advert in the Sunday Times in 1978 showing Anneline Kriel and Cosmetiq e Skincare Products

Anneline Kriel winning Miss South Africa in 1974


Then, Cosmetiq e Skincare and Dr Gordon took on a whole new task: The Glamourous Grannies Beauty Competition. They teamed up with the Sunday Times in 1978 until 1982. This was an exciting time because the results that Cosmetiq e Skincare was delivering was showing up on faces all over South Africa. People had never seen a product this good!

The winners of the Sunday Times and Cosmetiq e Glamourous Granny competition were from all over South Africa. Thousands of entries were received but only 6 made the final cut. The grannies and everything they do for their families and grandchildren were celebrated as being beautiful and glamourous.

One of the most memorable winners was Mrs Denise Ball (Sabrina as she was called for being the bustiest beauty in a British TV show years before). A stunning blonde haired woman with perfect skin and a gentle smile. Winners of this competition were sent on exotic holidays around the world.

Denise Ball (Sabrina), the 1980 winner of the Sunday Times Cosmetiq e Glamourous Granny Competition


Cosmetiq e enjoyed success for a few more years, but in 1988 tragedy struck and Dr Gordon died.

His beloved Cosmetiq e was placed in a deceased estate for a number of months… with no one to sell his products. Soon, the business started to die too. More and more people were left disappointed when they could no longer find their skincare products on the shelves.

Slowly but surely the business went under. Like the Titanic, sinking (and without its captain). It took a few years to find someone who would buy Cosmetiq e and who could see the potential in the brilliant product range.


Finally the product sales started to stabilize. But this was short lived, because the new owners, a partnership between two friends, ran into some difficulty!

One partner was hospitalized for 10 months and left Cosmetiq e in her partner’s hands. This ended disastrously, the partner could not manage the business on his own and failed. Cosmetiq e was left in pieces once again! This time shattered and torn.

Product sales declined rapidly as nobody could find any of these life-changing products in the stores or pharmacies any longer.


Despite many years of hiding underground, Cosmetiq e has been recovering its resources and is making a come-back with new owners and new determination. Many people searched for years and are still searching for the black jar with the golden e.

To this day, we are met with desperate voices on a weekly basis of women who have been searching for this product for 20, sometime 40 years. They are overjoyed to finally find the product again and order a year’s supply just in case they never find us again!


It is our mission to bring Cosmetiq e Skincare back onto the market. We want those women all over South Africa who have been looking for us to know that we have been looking for them too.

Cosmetiq e Skincare has been relaunched in South Africa and are helping women all over South Africa become empowered in their own lives by looking and feeling like the beautiful women that they are.